Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MoonaLisa End of the World Mayan Collection - Winter - December 2012 Order Review

My December Winter Moonalisa order is HERE!!!  Let's review what I ordered, shall we?

14 in 1 Gel - 8 oz
Item # 26231157
Option: Winter Porridge with Apple Strudel$10.95 USD
1Spray-In Detangler - 4 oz
Item # 26231802
Option: Winter Porridge with Apple Strudel$7.95 USD
1Hair Conditioner (NOT WHEAT FREE) - 4 oz
Item # 25832583
Option: Candied Violets$7.95 USD
14 in 1 Gel - 8 oz
Item # 25819305
Option: Marzipan Corn Cake$10.95 USD
1End of the World Mayan Collection ~ Holy Ka'kau' !
Item # 26230344
Option: Holy Ka'kau' - Hydrating Mister$14.95 USD
1Hair Conditioner (NOT WHEAT FREE) - 4 oz
Item # 26078019
Option: Marzipan Corn Cake$7.95 U

As this is my second order from Moona I wanted to try a few other kinds of products.  I am always looking for better products for my thick, curly, dry hair.  In my previous, September 2012, order I purchased a Spray-In Detangler.  This time I wanted to try her conditioners and get a second Spray-In Detangler.

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Reviews and Pictures

My Scent Reviews:

End of the World Mayan Collection ~ Holy Ka'Kau!  Foaming rich chocolate, brewed with sweet sugar and corn meal, with a touch of heavenly aromatic spices.

My Take:  The moment you spray this scent you smell a dark chocolate scent.  After a couple of seconds you can smell spices and sugar.  It is the perfect blend for a gourmand lover.  It is not sweet.  It is how chocolate with chili peppers would smell.  I don't smell con meal at all.  I might have to wait and wear this a few times to see if I can detect any other scents in this delicious concoction.  It is perfect for cold nights, especially when it is snowing outside.

Marzipan Corn Cake:  Sweet creamy corn sugar which is a really rich and sweet creamy scent, and blends beautifully with these oils.  Don't let the word corn scare you:)

My Take:  It smells like a lightly spiced cake with cream, definitely no corn scent to it.  Very sweet and creamy!  I smell sweet and creamy with a hint of spice.  A great scent for the cold months.  Getting this in both the 4-in-1 and hair conditioner I will feel comforted and cozy when I take my showers at night and go to bed.  I probably could layer this with the End of the World Mayan Collections Holy Ka'kau mister.

Winter Porridge with Apple Strudel:  Steaming winter oats, smothered with melted butter, thick cream, and topped off with a saffron infused wild honey and dusted with ground walnut shells.

My Take:  This smells exactly what the name of the scent is.  It smells like apples and porridge.  You can smell a bit of pastry as well.  It is very overwhelming at first but dies down to a nice apple pastry scent.  There is a bit of a nice apply pastry scent.  But you can't forget about the added kick of spice it has as well.

Candied Violets:  Sugared violets adorning a Chamborde raspberry liqueur soaked butter sponge cake.

My Take:  I smelled this and couldn't really put my finger on the scents.  It smells floral but with some warm spice to it.  Since I have this scent in hair conditioner, the scent becomes dramatic once it is put on wet hair.  Something about the warmth and water makes it intensify and bloom into a heavenly scent.  It has some sweetness to it but not so much it makes you want to gag.  I wish I could get this scent in a mister.  You can smell a hint of sponge cake which is where the sweetness comes from.

Product Reviews:

4 in 1 Gel:  The scent is strong when you open the bottle.  It lathers nicely and the scent lingers somewhat.  It is a body wash so I don't expect the scent to linger a long time.  My shower smells yummy while I am using it with my salux cloth.

Update:  Lately, I have been using the Marzipan Corn Cake 4 in 1 as shampoo.  Works wonders on your hair.  It does not dry your hair out and the scent stays for hours.  I use it in conjunction with the matching scent conditioner.  I am loving how it makes my hair feel.  You don't need much as it lathers pretty well.  I always wash my hair twice and the second washing I use just a dab.  I have changed my mind on not wanting to repurchase these.  I would if I was able to get a matching conditioner as well.  Don't be afraid to use these 4 in 1s as shampoo.

Hair Detangler:  I apply this hair detangler after I get out the shower and it is still damp.  It detangles anything that was left from rinsing out the conditioner.  It works great.  I can then just comb straight through it.  Plus it makes my hair really soft and silky.  If I use this in the morning I can apply it on dry hair and it still works great.  Detangles fast and easy  The scent lasts all day unless you put other product on top of it.  I usually use it to start and then spritz it again when my hair is all done.  It definitely helps with tangles and keeps the fly always to a minimum.  You don't need much even with long wavy hair.  The oil is the perfect amount to not make my hair greasy with use.  Most oil products make my scalp oily and dirty looking.  This product even holds style as many don't on my hair after being applied.  In this collection it comes in a purple 4oz bottle.

Hydrating Mister:  This mister is amazing.  Besides the delicious scent it spritzes and not globs.  One spritz has enough oil in it to moisturize the skin and absorb quickly but not be oily and greasy.  I hate an oily, greasy spray.  It has to absorb quickly.  I would purchase Moona's hydrating misters in other scents if I get the opportunity. 

Hair Conditioner (NOT Wheat Free):  I have coloured, dry, thick and curly hair.  This conditioner when left in for a few minutes gives a good boost for the dryness for a couple of days.  It is thick and spreads through the hair easily.  You don't need much.  Some brands you need a huge amount to get through all your hair but Moona's conditioner you don't.  I got this in 2 scents.  Each white bottle is 4 oz each.  I rotate my conditioner depending on day of the week and I think her's will be used 2 times a week.  I would repurchase in the future.  The scent intensifies once the conditioner is put on wet hair.  I think it's the heat of the shower.  It does it with both of the scents I purchased the conditioner in.

Extras: Frangelico and Strawberry Jam Biscuits Soy Tart and Scored Soap.

Frangelico and Strawberry Jam Biscuits Soy Tart:

My Take:  This smells so good.  It smells like a creamy strawberry biscuit.  It is heart shaped and covered in red glitter.  It melted quickly and the scent lasted for many hours in my bedroom.  I melted it almost the minute I opened my package.  I love strawberry scents and this one is something I would purchase.  It's a great fall and winter scent but could also be melted in spring.

Scorned Soap:  Ambered smoking heart, left out in the cold icy sugared spruce woods, spirited away by a river of frankincense tears.

My Take:  I thought I would give this to my mom but I wanted to try Moona's soaps.  The soap is very nice.  Lathers well and the scent lingers on the skin nicely.  I would purchase soaps from her but not in this scent.  It has all the scent sin it that I don't like.  I imagine lots of others like this scent but it's not for me.  The soap is made of two colours, in two parts.  Once the soap got wet it came apart.  The heart shape has pretty glitter in it.  The soap smears on the skin.  

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