Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Making my home welcoming with fragrance

How I prefer to make my home warm and welcoming

I love a good smelling home. I have a 2 storey home with a basement. It is on the smaller size but very cute. The size gives it a welcoming feel but a good fragrance when you come in the home adds a warming touch to the home.
I use both wax tarts and home fragrance oils (HFO). I have a few tea light warmers upstairs and in the dining room to give a warm ambiance along with a gentle scent. By the front door which is attached to the living room I have a plate warmer. I tend to put a third, half or quarter of a wax tart in the warmer, depending on the warmer. Once the scent is gone from the tart I then add a few drops of home fragrance oil in the wax. This keeps the oil in the burner from evaporating or burning.
I prefer bakery, clean, citrus and subtle floral scents. Strong florals and sugary sweet scents like brandied apple give me headaches. I love to wake up in the morning to the scent of coconut in the bathroom. I have a tea light warmer in there. After work and on the weekends I use the other tea light warmers and my plate warmer along with scents that compliment each other and the difference areas of the home.
Always remember when using tea light warmers stay close to them so you can keep an eye on them, you wouldn't want your warmer to start a fire and do damage to your home.
I get my tarts from various etsy shops, Yankee Candle and Walmart. I get my HFOs from Bath and Body Works and little boutiques. The flea market always has great candle stalls. You can cut voltives in half and use them in your warmers as well if you don't want to burn them. I find that burning candles don't give me the throw I want.


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