Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Estee Lauder's Double Wear - Stay-in-Place Eyeshadow Base Primer Review

I started wearing mineral makeup and I just couldn't get it to stay put all day.   It would go everywhere when I applied it and then it was crease within a short time. I imagine that lots of people have this trouble as well. Eyeshadow base was told to me to be the answer. As a long time lover of Estee Lauder products - especially their eyeshadows and blushes - I figured I would add this eyeshadow base to my order.
My Review: I absolutely love this stuff! It covers all the veins and such on my oily eyelids and stays put for over 24 hours. I can even sleep in my eye makeup and it stays put and doesn't budge at all. Usually my eyeshadow creases in a few hours due to oily lids. It works great with pressed shadows, roll on shadows from Sue Devitt and loose mineral shadows. It even holds your eyeliner in place like glue. You get a lot in the jar and you don't need much to cover your lids. For pressed shadows be sure to let it dry before applying eyeshadow on it. For loose shadows let it be almost dry then apply the loose shadow to it. You need to use a good makeup remover to remove this. Your normal face wash that should remove makeup won't work.
The price is good at $ 20. I feel it works better, lasts longer and at a better price than some of the other eyeshadow bases out there.
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free
I have since tried Urban Decay's Primer Potion because it was on promotion. The UDPP doesn't work well on my oily lids and you can't get out most of the product due to the type of packaging it is in. Estee Lauder's Stay-in-Place eyeshadow base is in a container with a screw top lid. It is easy to get the right amount you want. It doesn't dry out due to the screw top lid.
This lid primer works great with both loose and pressed eye shadows. It also works great with creme shadows.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Very Black Mascara Olympic Edition Review

Covergirl's Lash Blast mascara in all varieties has been overly hyped since their inception .  The good thing is that all variations of Lash Blast have been excellent and live up to all the hype.  I purchased this time around an economy pack of 2 - Lash Blast Volume in Very Black.  This is probably my 7th tube of this particular mascara.  The tubes are white instead of orange due to them being a part of Proctor & Gamble's Limited Edition Olympic Line.  I find the white tubes very nice as I am not a big orange lover.  Plus they stick out in my makeup bag as most of my other mascara tubes are black or dark colours.

This mascara promises "mega volume" and boy does it deliver.

The brush has nice varied lengths made of orange plastic spikes.  The brush is smaller at the tip to get to your inner eye area and get those smaller lashes more easily.  The rest of the brush is nicely distributed to get each and every lash you have, whether on your upper or lower lash line.  The brush makes getting the lashes easy and quick.  You can put on multiple coats of clump, flake free mascara fast.  The application is very even.

I will definately be purchasing more tubes of CoverGirl's Lash Blast's Mascaras.  I love it in Very Black.  Very Black makes my eyes pop out when I put on a nice application of it.  This mascara adds volume and fullness to your eyes.  I have a few short lashes on the bottom and when you apply this mascara you cannot tell which ones are the short ones.  It resists smudging and flaking.

I prefer CG's Lash Blast mascaras to any high end mascara.  The only other mascara I find to be equal to this one is the Clinique High Impact Mascara Deluxe GWP size, NOT the regular size tube.

I toss out my daily used mascaras every 3 months from opening.  This keeps away bacteria and from them drying out and flaking.  When they dry out and flake the mascara doesn't really do it's job anymore.  Be sure to replace your mascara often.  Healthy eyes is much better than saving $ 10.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MoonaLisa February 2013 Easter, Ostara, Spring Order

I decided to place another MoonaLisa order.  I was late the site's launch party for the first day's sale.  I am not a fan of having to wait two months plus to receive my order.  I understand that things are handmade and she sends out based on a known order but I digress.  There was a couple scents I wanted in the detangling spray.  It really works on my dry, long curly hair.  Makes my hair manageable in the morning.  I saw lavender scents and couldn't resist.  Boy did I try though.  I looked at the site again today and saw three more scents I want in the detangling spray:  Strawberry Marshmallow,  Peach Paradise and Snozzberry Fizzy Lifter.  Each bottle lasts about 2 months.  If I am able to add to my order during the next launch I could complete my year for detangling spray and be done with it.

Here are my two orders:

1Spray-In Detangler - 4 oz.
Item # 29520743
Option: French Lavender$7.95 USD
1Spray-In Detangler - 4 oz.
Item # 29520749
Option: Lavender Shortbread$7.95 USD
1Hair Conditioner (NOT WHEAT FREE) - 4 oz ~
Item # 29517827
Option: French Lavender$7.95 USD
1Hair Conditioner (NOT WHEAT FREE) - 4 oz ~
Item # 29517824
Option: Bali Cloud$7.95 USD
Amount $31.80 USD

1Spray-In Detangler - 4 oz.
Item # 29520638
Option: Strawberry Marshmallow$7.95 USD
1Spray-In Detangler - 4 oz.
Item # 29520746
Option: Peach Paradise$7.95 USD
1Spray-In Detangler - 4 oz.
Item # 29520752
Option: Snozzberry Fizzy Lifter$7.95 USD
1Scrubs!~ Non- Parfait
Item # 29623727
Option: Lemon Sugar Cookie$9.95 USD
Amount $33.80 USD

Last night - Wednesday, Feb 13, I was able to get a second order in for the scents that I wanted in addition to the lavender scents I got previously.  I also saw the amazing scented Scrub, non parfait and had to get that one as well.

Moona's Site Descriptions:

Spray-In Detangler - 4 oz.

A scented leave-in detangler with conditioning ingredients forming a protective layer over the cortex where the cuticle cells have broken away, which creates a protective layer or coating over these rough edges. The protective coating it creates also reduces static electricity.
Hair Conditioner (NOT WHEAT FREE) - 4 oz ~
4 oz.  This is a rich and silky deep conditioning for Dry or Damaged hair.  Also suited for normal hair.
It contains good for your mane ingredients like: Panthenol, Wheat protein, Silk Amino Acids and Avocado oil.
Ingredients: Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethlamine, Dimethicone, Avocado Oil, Ceteryl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Silk Amino Acids, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Panthenol, Citric Acid, DMDM Hydantoin, Disodium EDTA.

Scrubs!~ Non- Parfait:

Moona's sugar scrubs are made from scratch with all natural ingredients, with a small amount of bath cream from a base added. This scrubby sugar scrub is NOT a parfait! Just scrub! :)

Ingredients for this scrub are: cane sugar, sweet almond oil, whipped shea butter or cocoa butter, coconut oil, my 4 in1 gel, rosemary extract, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin E, essential oils, fragrance and bath cream.
Offered in a clear plastic jar with black lid and weigh in at about 9.5 oz.

Peach Paradise:  Sweet peaches in syrup doused with creamy coconut milk. (Drive Thru Moo)

Bali Cloud:  EOs of Sweet Orange Peel, Ylang Ylang and FOs of Sandalwood and Creamy Vanilla. A mix of my Orange Cloud and Bali scent, because Moona gets so confused which is which, she decided to mix them together instead. This scent is like fresh peeled oranges with a sweet woody background. They smell wonderful and relaxing! The Ylang Ylang is hardly detectable in this scent and only enhances the sweetness of the fresh orange smell. (Drive Thru Moo)

Snozzberry Fizzy Lifter: Snozzberries smell like Snozzberries ;) Juicy red and purple berry blend with effervescence and a teeny touch of a secret floral , just a tad to give it enough freshness, but barely detectable.

Look for a review of the order in a couple months once I receive my beautiful smelling box of goodies!

Red Dragon Apothocary - February's SoapScription and 2 orders Review

Red Dragon Apothocary has become my latest Favourite E-tailer!  I cannot get enough of their products.  Their beaded items are gorgeous and made with such care.  The soaps are divine and the owner, Eva is such a doll.

I got my lovely package from Red dragon Apothocary for February's SoapScription and 2 orders that I made with them.  1 through their Etsy store before they opened their new Store and another through TopHatter for an auction lot.

What I got in each "order":
  • Soap of the Month: 2 bars of Just Peachy Goats Milk Soap
  • Red Dragon Apothocary Etsy  order:  Proud as a Peacock Car Dangle, Spa Soap Whipped Soap With Dead sea Salt in Mardi Gras (4oz) and Eye of the Peacock Beaded Keychain
  • TopHatter Auction: Gilded Tarot deck and companion book
SOAPScription Order:
The 2 bars of Just Peachy soap smell just like fresh, ripe peaches.  This is a scent I love for the Spring and Summer.  It is fresh and juicy and yummy.  Both bars came wrapped in pretty wrapping with a nice label on the front and the ingredients listed on the back.  The soaps are in boxes so that they don't get crushed or crumble.  The soaps as you can see in the picture are rectangular and have a raised dragon design on the front of them.  So whether you display them wrapped in their boxes or in their shrink wrap they look pretty.  You can smell them before you unwrap them.  They nicely scent your room. I would repurchase this scent in other products Red Dragon sells.

Etsy Order:
The Proud as a Peacock Car Dangle is hand beaded and oh so pretty.  I have it in my car dangling from my rear view mirror.  It makes me smile when I look at it.  The blue gem at the end of it is very pretty as well.  It has a true peacock feather that bring the dangle to life.  I love the colours.  The dangle is made with a gold wire.  The hand beading is very intricate and will not come apart.  The ring at the top to hang from is the perfect size.  It is big enough to fit over your mirror but small enough to not make it hang too low.  

The Eye of the Peacock Beaded Keychain is so delicate and gorgeous.  My favourite colour is blue!  This hand beaded keychain is all in various shades of blue.  The blue and aqua medallion is a good size.  It is the focal point of this beaded work of art.  The wire it is beaded with is of good quality.  There is ribbons to add flash and 2 beaded tails.  The ribbons add depth to the beaded work.  They are in blue, black, silver and aqua.  It is about 2 inches wide and 9 inches long.  It's a pretty good size.  I have a 4 hook key holder by my bedroom door and it looks great hanging from it.  Not that I don't want to use it as a keychain but I think it is perfect for a decoration to my room.  

I also received a Spa Soap - Whipped Soap with Dead Sea Salt in Mardi Gras Scent (4 oz).  It was freezing today so it is frozen as you can see in the picture but it smells really good.  It makes me think of what Mardi Gras would smell like in theory.

The site's description is:  Mardi Gras: A festive and fun fragrance that begins with fresh citrus top notes of grapefruit, orange zests, and tangerine; middle notes of strawberries, apples, pears, rose petals and jasmine; with sexy bottom notes of vetiver, white musk, and ylang ylang.  I can smell each of the fruity notes with a hint of smokiness.  It is not a powerful smoky/musk scent as I don't care for that sort of scent but it brings the fruity notes down a notch from being overly sweet.   It is a fun scent.  I look forward to using this whipped soap once it thaws =).  The scent comes alive once thawed.  It is still fruity with a very citrus smell to it.  The smoky/musk scent remains subtle and as a way to calm the fruity notes.  It is very lovely.  Nothing like a gourmand scent.  A nice change of pace.  Would be lovely in a perfume.

The whipped soap has a lovely texture.  It is light and fluffy but has the dead sea salt in it to purify your skin.  It makes the skin smooth and soft.  I am in love this soap.  It is made of goat's milk which is great for people with sensitive skin or have skin irritations.  Many nutrients are in this whipped soap due to the goat's milk and dead sea salt

I would definitely repurchase their whipped soaps.  I see that they have made a whipped soap with sugar in it.  I am going to give that a try during my next order.

TopHatter Auction:
I decided to get another tarot deck and companion book.  I am still going slowing through my Mystic Dreamer Deck but thought this one was pretty cool looking.  It is the Gilded Tarot Deck.

Item Description: 
"Most Tarot decks with really spectacular designs are really just art collections. The Gilded Tarot transcends this limitation by having some of the most strikingly beautiful art on any Tarot deck, yet follows the Rider-Waite-Smith model. The result is a unique deck that any person with some Tarot experience will find instantly familiar and usable. This deck can be used with any Tarot system or book. The colors are deep and intense, almost metallic. They draw you in and will have you staring at the images repeatedly. But this is more than a deck to look at, it's a deck to use! The Gilded Tarot Companion, a full book by Tarot expert Barbara Moore, is included with this deck. It's a complete introduction so that even a beginner can use this deck right away."

The companion book is also by Barbara Moore who did the other deck I have.  Being so new to Tarot I figured it would be good to be consistent with authors.  The deck is very colourful and "flashy".

Over All Review:
I LOVE everything I got!  Customer Service is fantastic.  Shipping is very fast.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MoonaLisa End of the World Mayan Collection - Winter - December 2012 Order Review

My December Winter Moonalisa order is HERE!!!  Let's review what I ordered, shall we?

14 in 1 Gel - 8 oz
Item # 26231157
Option: Winter Porridge with Apple Strudel$10.95 USD
1Spray-In Detangler - 4 oz
Item # 26231802
Option: Winter Porridge with Apple Strudel$7.95 USD
1Hair Conditioner (NOT WHEAT FREE) - 4 oz
Item # 25832583
Option: Candied Violets$7.95 USD
14 in 1 Gel - 8 oz
Item # 25819305
Option: Marzipan Corn Cake$10.95 USD
1End of the World Mayan Collection ~ Holy Ka'kau' !
Item # 26230344
Option: Holy Ka'kau' - Hydrating Mister$14.95 USD
1Hair Conditioner (NOT WHEAT FREE) - 4 oz
Item # 26078019
Option: Marzipan Corn Cake$7.95 U

As this is my second order from Moona I wanted to try a few other kinds of products.  I am always looking for better products for my thick, curly, dry hair.  In my previous, September 2012, order I purchased a Spray-In Detangler.  This time I wanted to try her conditioners and get a second Spray-In Detangler.

Click Read More for Scent and Product 
Reviews and Pictures

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Euro Bangles - Seller on Tophatter: TSM Review

I have now got over 400 euro beads and you can only interchange them so many times.  I give them to my mom and friends as well.  I bought these bangles so I can design some bracelets and try and sell them on Top Hatter.  

"Item Description: These silver bangles are perfect for your euro bead creations.  Quantity:  4"

I received my 4 euro bangles.  They are perfect for me.  They are for smaller wrists and when you put the beads on they fit!  I have such a time finding bracelets and bangles that fit me.  I have tiny wrists that are child's size.  

I think these may be silver plated as I do not see 925 stamped anywhere on them to show they are sterling silver.  That is disappointing as it was not stated in the item description.  I do not feel that I would purchase from this seller again:  TSM, named Tiffany.

They are super shiny but being plated I don't know how long they will stay shiny.

If you are selling silver plated items they are supposed to be described as such per the TOS of Tophatter.

Overall Impression:  Quick shipping but misrepresented item.