Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Monday, May 7, 2012

How long is your makeup good for?

Although you may think that your mascara is good as long as it comes out of the tube, it probably isn't. When it comes out clumpy and flakes off its time to kick it to the curb.

It is best to toss out old makeup before it gives you an eye infection or makes you break out when it didn't a month ago. Below is a guideline for how long each item of makeup lasts.
  • Mascara should be kept no longer than 3-6 months. I replace mine every 1-3 months depending on which brand I am currently using. If it starts to flake, change odour, texture or colour it is time to toss.
  • Oil-Free and Cream Foundations should be kept no longer than 12 months. When they start to thicken, change colour or odour they have gone bad.
  • Concealer is good for 12 to 18 months. It is time to toss them when they change colour or thicken.
  • Powder should not be kept for longer than 18 months. When the texture changes when it is applied or the colour changes it should go in the trash.
  • Blush & Bronzer are good for 18 months. They are powders that is not applied to your eyes. Toss once they change texture when applied, the dry out or the colour is off.
  • Cream Blush is good for 12 months. When the texture, colour and odour change it is time to toss.
  • Eye shadow is good for 18 months. Toss once it becomes dry, application is harder and the colour changes.
  • Eyeliner is good for 12 months. It has gone bad then the texture, colour or odour has changed. Be sure to sharpen before every usage to cut down on bacteria picked up from application.
  • Liquid Eyeliner should be tossed after 6 months. The liquid is a hotbed for bacteria as it is exposed to the air and your eye.
  • Lipstick/Lip Gloss is good for 18 months. Time for the trash when the taste, odour or stickiness changes.
  • Lipliner is good for 12 months. Sharped after each use. It should go in the bin once it changes colour, texture or odour.
  • Nail Polish should be tossed after 12 months. It starts to change colour and separation is harder to mix back up.
  • Perfume is usually good for 2 to 3 years if stores in a cool dry place, such as a dry basement. Time to toss them when the scent changes and goes off.
  • Sunscreen is usually good until the expiration date on the bottle. The expiration date is for the SPF, when it expires the SPF is not guaranteed to work.
You don't want to be applying to your face something that has bacteria growing in it or is rancid. The last thing you want is to give yourself a terrible infection over a $22 eyeliner or mascara.

L'Oreal Superior Preference - RP04 Deep Intense Red

I have been colouring my hair for over ten years. I have changed the shade of red many times but always come back to a deep rich red. I loved to use Natural Instincts by Clairol in Egyptian Plum but they have since discontinued all reds in their semi-permanent line. I played around with different brands and shades and found one I liked a bit. I used Garnier Fructis' True Red - 66 for six months and loved. It stayed in my hair and didn't fade until about 6 weeks. For a red that is amazing staying power. And that is with washing it three times a week - twice at one time.
I decided that I wanted to go a bit dark but stay with a true red and not auburn. Copper tones do not look good on me and they fade so much quicker. I tried Garnier Fructis's Deep Intense Red shade but it turned my roots green due to being made specifically for dark natural hair colour and myself being only a dark blonde. Before my last colouring I spent some time in my local Shoppers Drug Mart in the hair colour aisle and found that there is very little to choose from in the form of a true red with no copper tones in it by any brand. There is only two - Garnier which turned my hair green and L'Oreal's Superior Preference in Deep Intense Red. This colour is not specifically formulated for dark natural hair. It was $15.94 + 13% tax. That is expensive to me since I normally buy the Garnier on sale for $ 6.99 + tax. I waited a few days and came back when it was on sale for $10.98 + tax.

I coloured my hair on the Sunday night. I took the items out of the box and looked at the directions for time length since all brands have different developing times. I mixed the colour gel in with the developer and shook the bottle. I put on my Sally's bought gloves as they actually fit my small hands and started to apply the colour. This colour is a gel and not a cream. It is a little bit more runnier than the garnier cream colour. It applied easily and developed evenly. I put the colour on my browns for 10 minutes just to give a tinge of red. I have medium brown brows and tinging them red makes it look more uniformed. 10 minutes on the brows even tinged them evenly With Garnier the colour has to stay on my brows for 25-30 minutes and it might not be even when it's removed.

L'oreal took less time to rinse out than Garnier does. It might be due to the gel and not the cream formula. L'Oreal does not bleed for weeks like Garnier does. My hair coloured evenly.

I am very pleased with my new hair colour - my hair and the dye brand. I will be purchasing L'Oreal from now on.