Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Red Dragon Apothocary SoapScription Review for my January Box

Once a month for January, February and March I will be receiving 2 bars of soap for the 3 month SOAPScription I won at a Top Hatter auction held on the first Sunday of January's 8pm auction.  The lot  was sold by Red Dragon Apothocary.  I have been wanting to win a soapscrption of their's for months now but the auctions are usually at 10pm on Sunday and I am unable to attend at that time. 

The 3 month SOAPScirption includes 2 bars of 4-5oz goat milk's soap for the 3 months and a surprise gift during your birthday month.  The bars of soap are hand wrapped in decorative sparkly paper with pretty labels.  The scents are relevant to the month they are sent out in.

I received my January box today and boy was I surprised with the package I received.  The shipping box was wrapped in red paper.  Inside the box was 2 wrapped boxes of soap, two cards including a coupon code to use for my next etsy purchase from their store and a $ 20 gift certificate to use in conjunction with the coupon code.  I almost didn't see the gift certificate in the box and threw it out into the recycling bin but I noticed that the paper wasn't the same colour as the box and pulled it out and so pleased I checked the box again.  That would of been sad to of thrown out.  I have already placed an order at her etsy store and used my GC.  

The scent for this month is Eucalyptus Mint.  Scent Description:  A bright, refreshing blend of mint, citrus and ginger with clear notes of fresh eucalyptus and jasmine. Fresh cut mint leaves add a little extra to this invigorating blend.  It is the perfect scent for the weather that the GTA gets: cold, crisp and windy.  The soap is very therapeutic if you have a cold.  Eucalyptus is wonderful if you are congested and have a runny nose.  The mint isn't so strong that it is overpowering of the eucalyptus.  When you use this soap it doesn't make you smell like a pharmacy.  The scent perks up your senses and makes you smile.  It clears your head and makes it easier to think.  This is not a scent I would normally pick for myself but am so glad it was sent to me.  I see myself using this soap in my rotation during not only the cold months but also warmer months.  It is perfect for year-round.

The soap is make of goat's milk so it is very moisturizing and creamy.  Red Dragon Apothocary's soaps do not contain coconut oil.  Their soap's descriptions state:  Goat Milk soap is great for people with dry or sensitive skin, or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Goat milk contains alpha hydroxy acids which help make skin smoother and younger looking. Goat milk is very moisturizing and won't dry out your skin. The milk contains natural emollients, vitamins and triglycerides that are beneficial to all skin types. A mild soap with creamy lather! 

The soap has a raised dragon design on the top of it.  It is rectangular shaped and came in a hand wrapped box.  It would be perfect to give away as a gift.  Due to the dragon design and the non feminine scent this bar of soap would even be appropriate to give away to that special man in your life.

The soap lathers nicely and makes your shower smell like a beautiful day at the spa.  I have some dry areas; elbows, knees and tops of my hands.  After 1 use of this soap those areas are smoother and less itchy and dry.  I can't wait for my February box to get here!

Tips on keeping your bar soaps lasting longer:  Keep them in a well drained soap dish and allow them to dry between uses.  I have bought soap savers that are hand croched bags made of cotton.  I hang them at the back of my shower on the top of my conditioner bottle so the wet soap can dry out.  When soap bars are left in standing water they turn mushy and waste away.  Pus no one wants to use a mushy, slimy bar of soap.

If you are looking for Tarot Readings by Red Dragon Apothocary on Etsy please click on the link.

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