Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Black Friday Summer ScentSations Haul

During Summer ScentSations' Black Friday sale I placed an order.  I had purchased some soaps from her on TopHatter and love how long her scents linger on the skin after you rinse them off.  Plus I wasn't allergic to her glycerin soaps.

My order:
Soaps in French Lavender (3) and Coconut Citrus Sorbet

Lip Balm in Orange Sorbet

Lip Sugar Scrub and Polish in a Tube in Vanilla Icing (2)

Lip Scrub and Balm Set in Black Cherry

Mineral Eye Shadows in Sea Pearl, Smoke, Turquoise, Aquamarine,

Shamrock, Mermaid Sheen and Iris

Solid Perfumes in Oh So Juicy, Simply Delicious and Be Number One

Now on to the reviews!

Coconut Citrus Sorbet SoapThis bright fragrance cleanses your senses with the refreshing notes of soothing lemon, zesty lime, creamy coconut milk and sweet vanilla bean. It's the perfect combination of sweet and citrus that that will make you dream of summer days!
My Review:  Smells like coconut and lemon with a hint of vanilla and twist of lime.  It is the perfect summer soap but at the same time soft enough to use during the cooler months.  Its a pretty soap - white with yellow in it with pretty yellow curls on the top.  I love a great amount of lather as it scents the air.  This soap does just that and makes the shower smell tropical.  In the dead of winter it makes you forget that it's -20c outside.  It has all the scents to brighten your spirit and senses.  A great wake me up soap to use in the morning or throughout the day to lift your spirits.

French Lavender Soap
My Review:  Smells like a beautiful lavender garden.  I have grown to love lavender over the last year and this soap is the precise reason why.  The soap is a pretty white and lavender colour swirl cold press bar of soap with lavender on the top.  It is very pretty and a nice soap to display in your bathroom.  This soap lathers nicely and makes the shower smell like a beautiful spa.  Very relaxing, great before bed.

Orange Sorbet Lip BalmA juicy burst of orange with a slightly sweet background that will cleanse the palate and refresh the senses.
My Review:  Smells like heaven. Its a great summer scent.

Lip Sugar Scrub and Polish in a Tube in Vanilla Icing
My Review:  I got two of these as my lips get chapped pretty bad in our Canadian winters and love lip scrubs.  The scrubby part is sugar.  Smalls just like vanilla icing.  Very sweet but warm due to the vanilla.  It comes in a tube so it doesn't get messy like some pot scrubs do plus its easier to carry in your purse and apply.  Works good.  I used it last night and did a gentle rub and have very soft lips this morning.

Black Cherry Lip Balm and Lip ScrubMmmm, the aroma of ripe black cherries to carry around with you all day. Delicious, smells good enough to eat - but don't, lips only!
My Review:  This is a gift for my mom as she loves black cherries.  The lip scrub came in a container.  The organza bag matches the lip balm and scrub.  Smells good!  The scrub works great and gets rid of chapped lips in 1 or 2 uses.  Gentle enough to use daily if they are rather chapped and it takes more than 1 or 2 uses to get them soft again.

The mineral eye shadows look just as they are pictured.  I love this because then you know what you are getting.  My favs are Shamrock and Mermaid Sheen.  I love bold blues and greens and I wear a lot of silvers and purples so they all are great additions to my loose shadow collection.  The lasting power when applied dry without primer is average, no different than my other loose shadows.  When applied wet or on top of primer you get awesome results.  The colours are so true and last all day.  You get quite a bit in the small clear jar.  The price was great and I would definitely reorder mineral eye shadows from Summer ScentSations.

The solid perfumes are stocking stuffers so I won't be able to opened to smell or test them.  They are the perfect purse size and will get some for myself in my next order.

I am very pleased with my order and look forward to my next one!  I really want to try her solid lotions, shave bars and body scrubs.  She is very good with customer service and will work with you if a product isn't available to ship to your country.  She is located in the Cayman Islands.  Shipping to Canada is about 2 weeks.  She ships the same day.  I would expect shipping to the US to be 1-2 weeks as they receive mail quicker than us Canadians.

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