Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Moonalisa September 2012 Sale - Sleepy Hallow & Gypsy Cirkus Collection

I decided to see what all the hype is about and tried out Moonalisa with her Sleepy Hallow & Gypsy Cirkus Collection Sale in September 2012.  I made a single order and was an international.  I placed my order on September 17th.  It was shipped on November 9th and received December 3rd.  It was a long time to wait for goodies to come but opening the package and smelling all the items was well worth it!  Here is my order:

1Mini Puff Powders! ~ Sleepy Hallow & Gypsy Cirkus Collection 2012
Item # 23010209
Option: S'mores and Hot Cocoa$5.95 USD
1Mini Puff Powders! ~ Sleepy Hallow & Gypsy Cirkus Collection 2012
Item # 23010207
Option: Marzipan Corn Cake$5.95 USD
1Sleepy Hallow Collection Scrub / Bath Cream Parfaits - 9.5 oz
Item # 22974775
Option: Pumpkin Batter * Old classic~$12.95 USD
1Spray-In Detangler - 4 oz
Item # 23010837
Option: Pumpkin Batter$7.95 USD
1Mini Puff Powders! ~ Sleepy Hallow & Gypsy Cirkus Collection 2012
Item # 23010213
Option: Pumpkin Batter$5.95 USD

I also got extras of Blood Orange Cotton Candy bath brew and Winter Porridge with Apple Strudel cream.  Along with a ball with confetti in it and a Fortune Telling Fish and the usual Moona cards.  The package was filled with tissue paper with stamps on all the items.  It was like a creative birthday gift that smelled like heaven.

Scent Reviews - Extras:
Blood Orange Cotton Candy:
My Take: Smells like an orange creme sickle!! 

Winter Porridge with Apple Strudel 

My Take: Smells like Apple Oatmeal, you can smell an apple juice note to it, sweet and apley but can also detect the oatmeal.  I ordered this in various items in my December order before I smelled this extra.

My Scent Reviews:

Marzipan Corn Cake: sweet creamy corn sugar which is a really rich and sweet creamy scent, and blends beautifully with these oils. Don't let the word corn scare you:)

My Take: It smells like a lightly spiced cream cake, definitely no corn scent to it. Very sweet and creamy! It is great in the body power and reacts well with the heat of my body during the day.  I smell sweet and creamy with a hint of spice.

S'mores & Hot Cocoa Cream: Scrumptious classic crust & ooey, gooey treat , accompanied with a piping hot side of Hot cocoa, sure to satisfy!

My Take:  Just like a night in front of the camp fire with s'mores and hot chocolate.  It is definitely a sweet chocolate scent.  There is a hint of marshmallow but I mostly smell ooey gooey chocolate.  It smells heavenly.

Pumpkin Batter
My Take:  Smells exactly like my Spiced Pumpkin Pie with a hint of batter.  The detangler makes my hair smells so good.  It is the perfect Christmas scent!  Who wouldn't want to smell like pumpkin pie.

Product Reviews:

The scented hair detangler lasts all day unless you put anther product on top of it.  I usually use it to start and then spritz it again when my hair is all done.  It definitely helps with tangles and keeps the fly always to a minimum.  I love it so much that I ordered another one during the December sale.  You don't need much even with long wavy hair.  I use it everyday and not much is missing from the bottle.  The oil is the perfect amount to not make my hair greasy with use.  Most oil products make my scalp oily and dirty looking.  This product even holds style as many don't on my hair after being applied.

The body powders are great.  I have been using them after I shower in the evening and put it on my decolletage area.  All 3 smell so good.  The powder is finely milled and easy to apply.  They help if I sweat any during the night.  Plus they make my bed smell delicious if I roll over any on my pillow.  I used to included puffs for a few days but found that a nice fluffy brush works better.  The powder doesn't stick to the brush as it does the puff.  As I have 3 of these I don't know if I would order more anytime soon but they are cute.  I might repurchase them during her Autumn sale next year if she has them.

I am definitely in love with Moona products.  Many of her scents have elements to them that I can't wear such as Musk and Amber but she always has foody scents that I love to try.  I can't wait to get my next order!

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