Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Forest Apprentices Arthritis Anti-Inflammatory and Golden Salves Order Review

I made a purchase from Forest Apprentices, From the Forest they also are called, a couple of weeks ago. TAT was fast and I got my items from the US to Canada in about 10 days. That is a record for Canada Post these days. My husband has problems with his back and the doctor told him it was arthritis. I did a quick search and found this fabulous store and made a purchase of 1 each of the Arthritis Anti-Inflammatory Salve and Golden Salve. My entire order came to $14.20 including shipping to Canada.
Product Info and Reviews:

Arthritis Anti-Inflammatory Salve
Arthritis Anti-Inflammatory Salve 1oz plastic jar $ 5.00
(Populus balsamifera & Capsicum sp.). For topical use on arthritic and stiff joints. Do not use on broken skin. Due to the Cayenne used in the salve, this product burns when it comes into contact with mucus membranes. Due to it's capsaicin, Cayenne help to relieve the pain of arthritis and other forms of joint inflammation when gently massaged onto the affected area. Cottonwood reduces pain and eases inflammations due to rheumatism and arthritis.
After rubbing this salve on my husband's entire back the first night he was able to sleep more than 3 hours all night. Closer to 4 hours. Usually he only sleep off and on for three hours and ends up getting up because he is in so much pain. After three nights of rubbing it into his entire back he is able to sleep closer to 5-6 hours. This is a huge change for him. I will continue to purchase this salve for him. It is a good price and arrives quickly.
Golden Salve 1oz plastic jar $ 5.50
Golden Salve
(Curcuma longa & Abies balsamea). This golden colored salve is excellent for reducing scarring, preventing infection in open sores and as a follow-up after using an escharotic product. This product has a tropical ingredient, Tumeric (Curcuma longa).
I was bit a few times in the garage by a spider and the bites became itchy. That night after my shower I rubbed this Golden Salve on the 5 different bites. They instantly became non itchy. The bites are healing quickly and it has now been four days and they are still not itchy after only two application of this salve. My one issue with this salve is that it turns your skin yellow for a week and that is with daily washing in the shower. It works but it makes you yellow.

Shop Review:
I will be purchasing from this shop again. I know that the Arthritis Anti-Inflammatory Salve will get used up as they only come in 1oz jars. I will see if the shop owner will make a larger batch for me. She has other great items that I want to try.
I have found that this store sells on various sites, including the big auction site.

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