Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yves Rocher's Botanical Scrub Review

I have been using Yves Rocher's products for over 10 years.  I got a packet in the mail years ago and had to try them.  I was in search of face care products and was intrigued by their natural skin care lines and had been through the drugstore and mid lines at department stores.  At that point nothing really had worked for my oily skin that made my skin comfortable.  With Yves Rocher, I loved that you got free gifts with your purchases.  Plus you could purchase mystery bags and get a great value of products to try/give away as gifts.  When I moved back to Canada I loved the stores and their free in store skin analysis and sales girls.  I have found some great products I love.  They get new items in often and their products are definitely worth a try.  

This time, I was in the market for a new scrub while I was waiting for my mail order scrubs to come in a few months back and I was tempted by this one.  So I purchased Yves Rocher's Botanical Scrub.  It comes in a 5 oz flip top tube, not a tub so it is very hygienic, more desirable than the tub format most scrubs come in.  Now this was an impulse purchase and sometimes those impulse purchases are downers but not this one!  It has a delightful scent and works great.

The scent is what was the selling point for me.  Oh boy is it delightful.  I want this in a fragrance oil for my home.

This product is said to scrub your skin as you purify it.  YR has used ingredients in it such as naturally exfoliating apricot kernel powder, purifying saro essential oil and Mexican agave sap from organically grown ingredients for its moisturizing properties.  Some find that apricot kernel powder is too hard to use on their skin to exfoliate  especially if they have sensitive skin but the good thing with apricot kernel powder is that it does not dissolve like sugar does and sloughs off dead skin cells longer.  The agave sap moisturizes your skin.  

How I use this product:  What i end up doing is that i stand out of the spray of the shower, apply the scrub an area of the time, scrub then move on to another area.  Then once I have applied the scrub to my whole body I go back and exfoliate my body again and focus on the dry areas.  Once i feel that I have gotten all the dry areas and satisfied I rinse well.  Once I am done I have smooth skin with a nice fresh, invigorating scent on my skin that lingers til the next morning.

I use this often and find that i will need to repurchase this before the end of the month.  This is one of the two scrubs that I keep permanently in my shower.  I highly recommend that you get your hands on this scrub and give it a whirl!

The key ingredients of Botanical Scrub are Apricot kernel powder to refine the texture of the skin, the essential oil Saro sheet from Madagascar to purify and Agave sap for its moisturizing properties.

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