Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Friday, March 8, 2013

How I Store My Tarts and Fragrance Oils

How do you store your tarts, fragrance oils, Wallflowers and Scentports?  I have them in a large Rubbermaid bin that is made for under your bed.  It fits perfectly under my short dresser and is hidden completely.  It is easily accessible but you can't see it.  It hold A LOT!

I have all my fragrance oils in a box with some Bathing garden clam shells and BBW Scentport refills..  Then my tea lights in a smaller plastic bin with cardboard between the layers to keep them from falling over.  On the top layer I now have room for my few wallflower refills in there.

The other four smaller bins hold my bakery, floral, fresh/citrus and gourmand scents separately.  This way I can easily find what type of scent I want.  I then have in the upper right corner my packages of tarts are kept there, they all have some sort of bread scent to them.  Then under them I have a couple BBW mini candles.  I put all my LSC tarts in individual plastic baggies.  They seem to leak and the oil gets everywhere.  This way it is kept in the baggie and doesn't spread to other tarts.

I keep all my candles and candle accessories in a different area of the house.  I have my candles displayed in my living room, none upstairs or in the basement.  The only candles upstairs are the tea light tart burner on top of the dresser.

How do you store your tarts?

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