Fall Musings

Fall Musings

Thursday, August 2, 2012

What is Etsy all about?

Have you ever wonder what Etsy is? You have heard about it but not sure what it really is. Etsy is a mall like website. There are many shops all in one place. What do all the shops have in common? They only sell handmade or vintage items.
Jewelry, lotion, soap, makeup, toys, quilts, beading, art, frames, home decor, candles, fragrance oils, essential oils, clothing, hats, scrap-booking materials, paper items, wedding items, laundry soap
I first heard of Etsy.com on makeupalley.com on the wedding board. They were discussing their headpieces, wedding jewelry and hair clips. I had looked at some links to various etsy.com shops to give opinions for the posters. Being married myself, I didn't really need to browse for myself. I didn't spend much time on the site thinking they only sold items for weddings.
A few months back I started to develop severely sensitive skin and was directed to Etsy on MUA for homemade bath products, soap and shampoo. I searched a bunch of different stores and found that most of them had cute soaps and packaging and fairly decent shipping to Canada. Some places have $15 for the first item and $5 for each additional item which is very high. I would not be willing to pay that amount as there is many many other shops with more reasonable shipping rates. I know that it's more work to ship internationally.
The good thing about Etsy when it comes to bath and body products is that SLSs aren't used and everything is gentle on your skin. Ingredients are either listed or you can ask for them. My skin problems have gone away for the most part since using homemade products.
The jewelry is beautiful and you can see the time and care put into the pieces when you receive them. Many items are one-of-a-kinds or there are very few out there. You know you will have unique pieces.
You are able to contact the seller and do special orders with most sellers. The TAT may be a bit longer if they are having to make it for you specially but you get what you want.
I love to browse and purchase on Etsy.com. There is so much variety and the customer service is fantastic. Take a look yourself. Have fun!

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